Pizza Fake-Away Guide

Inspired and enabled by our wood fired event catering company The Wild Oven. This kit is perfect for a fun activity at home with a delicious outcome!

Each kit is for use on the day that you purchase it and contains:

+ 2 Freshly Made and Slowly Proved Dough Balls

+ Tomato Sauce

+ Mozzarella

+ Rolling flour

+ 2 Fake-Away boxes

Storage: keep your dough, sauce and mozzarella in the fridge until you use them. Buuuut use them the day you buy them!


  • Get your oven hot

Conventional: 220°C

Gas: 7

Wood Fired: hot enough that a piece of paper spontaneously combusts when you put it in 

  • Make your ball a base

Time to make your ball a base. Emulate the pizza tossing pros on Youtube (when he says 10″ replace it with 5″). Or, take the perfectly respectable option and dust a rolling pin and get rolling until your base is about 10 inches wide!

Whatever method you use, try to keep the base orientated in the same direction as you found it in the box to keep the layers that we’ve folded in horizontal!

Place your base on whatever you’re baking it on – a baking tray, pizza stone…

  • Pop your sauce on

Grab a spoonful of the sauce, drop it in the middle of the pizza and then push the sauce outwards in circles. Leaving a gap of dough at the edges.

  • Toppings time

Dollop your chunks of mozzarella around the pizza, avoiding the centre. Scatter for all over mozzarella coverage, or place in groups to create pools of cheesy-ness.

Keep it simple or get creative with your toppings. Less is more. Avoid the centre. The thinner the slice the better.

  • Bake it

Get that pizza in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until the cheese is bubbling and the dough at the edges is browned.

  • Box it and slice it

Pop it in your box, slice it up, pop a picture it on Instagram #morhomebakes and enjoy!

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