Ampersand Butter


This butter is incredible. A batch churned cultured butter, made in Oxfordshire using the best ingredients – Jersey cow milk produced from English bred Jersey dairy cows, a healthy bacteria culture and a dash of naturally mineral rich Himalayan pink rock salt.  Not only is it incredibly tasty but it is packed with healthy probiotics too.


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Grant is a local producer, based in Bloxham. He’s previously worked as a chef under Gordon Ramsay and then Magnus Nilsson at Faviken, Sweden before being inspired to follow his butter-making path.

Grant’s butter is so good that he supplies over 36 Michelin stars worth of restaurants.

“Blistering hot sourdough with lashings of Grant’s incredible salted butter is one of the best food combinations ever.” – Sat Bains


Allergens: Milk

Ingredients: Butter (Milk)

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